Stream Videos and movies fast in Nokia C5-00 and other symbiaan S60 devices.

Although the Nokia C5 is a 3G equipped handset, but still to buffer and stream videos and movies fast it needs to be configured properly, and a good configuration can increase the buffering and streaming speed by almost 55% !! And thats really fast! Isn't it?
To experience high speed 3G buffering and streaming in Nokia C5 and other symbian S60 devices, follow these steps:-

1. Open menu.

2. Goto Applications

3. Then scroll down till you see the Icon of Real Player.

4. Open the Real Player application.

5. Press right soft key to open Option.

6. Goto settings.

7. Select Streaming.

8. Open Proxy.

6. In Use Proxy - select NO.

7. Then press back and open Network.

8. In default access point, select the access point which is provided by your network.
Note:- Every time you stream or buffer any video, this access point will be used!
9. In Online Time remember selecting unlimited.

10. In Lowest UDP port type- 6970

11. In highest UDP port type- 32000

Thats it! Now this setting will let you buffer your videos easily and very fastly! :)

Restore or find the forgotten password of your Nokia C5-00 and other S60 devices

So 1 night you downloaded a cool stuff which you didn't wanted to share with anybody or you made a secret document, so for privacy you put the password on the memory card. For few days it was fine, but suddenly 1 day you woke up and find that you cant recall the password! You scratch your  head all the day long, just to remeber what did you keep as password!
                     So now stop worrying and read my this post which will help you a lot in getting back your memory card password.

To find the password of your memory card in Nokia C5 or other S60 user (The process works in JAVA compatible devices too)-

→ Download the application X-plore from here.

Find out more about X-plore and its uses from my previous post here.
 → Now open X-plore and always remeber by default E:// drive is always Memory Card whereas C:// drive is the phone memory.

→ Goto
    └> C://
    └> System

    and locate mmc store file.

→ Press right soft key to open options and choose edit

And Eureka!! You have found it!!!!!! :) Now sice you have found  the password ,just read it, and open your memory card!

Funny ringtones and message alert tones for nokia C5-00 free download

The Nokia C5 comes preloaded with some ringtones, but they are actually very few and BORING! So I have collected some funny ringtones  and message alert tone for mobile.

To change your ringtone follow these steps :-
Menu>Settings>Profiles>General>Options>Personalise>Ringing Tone / Message Alert Tone.
 If you are viewing this from mobile just click these links to download the ringtones and if you are viewing this from computer Right click the link and choose Save Target As and then coose location and hit save.

Real Crazy Tone

Japanese Message Alert Tone

Funny Car Rev Ringtone

It’s Time to Wake Up Tone

Ha Ha Ha Ha Funny Tone

Idiot Calling Ringtone

Chicken Mix Message Alert ToneHigh Frequency Message Alert Tone

Hey You Pick Me Up

Heavy Diesel Car Ringtone

Gangster Ringtone

Funny Text Alert Tone

Kill Bill Ringtone

Millionaire Ringtone

Fox news Channel Ringtone

Crow Ringtone

iPhone Remix Ringtone

Cowboy Listen Pardner Ringtone

I’m Batman Ringtone

Chicken Techno SMS Alert Tone

Borat Text Message Tone

Many more tunes will be added soon! keep visiting!

Best Camera settings for Nokia C5-00 and other S60 devices.

Nokia C5-00 comes with a 3.2 Mega Pixel main camera and a VGA front camera.

Following are the best Camera Settings for Nokia C5-00 :-

  1. Open Menu
  2. Goto Camera
  3. Press left soft key to open Options
  4. Select Settings
  5. In the Image Quality select "Print 3M- Large"
  6. In Show GPS info select "No" as it will be fast as well as reduce the traffic and help in saving money.
  7. In Add to Album - it depends on you, what you want.
  8. In show captured images - again depends on you..
  9. Default Image name - again your choice..
  10. Capture tone - the one which is your favourite!
  11. Memory in use - If you have memory card, then it will be ofcourse a better choice!
  12. Now press back.
  13. Now press Up key to bring out the sidebar..
  14. Press down to bring until the icon of lightning (i.e. of flash) gets selected.
  15. In flash setting select choose automatic.
  16. Scroll down to White balance setting and select it!
  17. Now in white balance setting you can see the preview of all settings, and whichever suits perfectly to your condition, choose it!

If you make this settings for your C5 camera,  I am sure the images taken will be perfect! :) So enjoy the best setting for nokia c5 camera!

Wordpress for Nokia C5-00 and other symbian S60 handsets

Wordpress platform download for Nokia C5-00 and other S60 devices

Download Wordpress for Nokia C5-00 and other symbian S60 handsets, Install Wordpress for Nokia C5-00 and other symbian S60 handsets, How to make wordpress site from mobile  Nokia C5-00 and other symbian S60 handsets.

Wordpress is currently Not Available for Nokia C5-00 and othe S60 devices! Check Back Later!

How to Update firmware/ software in Nokia C5-00

It is a very important step which everyone should take in order to completely utilise your cell phone and enjoy all the functions of their phone fully.

It is really very Easy to update the software or firmware in your Nokia C5-00

To update your Nokia C5's software follow these steps:-

a) Update Nokia C5's software using cell phone:

  • Open menu
  • Goto settings
  • Goto " Device Mgr."
You can also open Device Manager by dialing  *#0000# in your home screen.
  • Press the left soft key to open Options
  • Select " Check for Updates" . On prompting for the connection, press yes.
Note: On pressing yes, your cell phone would get connected to internet through GPRS or HSPA connection. Your data operator (i.e. SIM company) may charge you for connection if you don't have inetrnet package.

Now it will check for the availbale updates for your Nokia C5, and then later you can follow On screen commands to install the latest software/firmware in your device.

b) Update Nokia C5's software using computer/laptop devices :

  • Connect your Nokia C5 to computer/laptop through USB or bluetooth
  • Open Nokia PC suite or OVI suite
  • Let the PC suite detect your Nokia C5 and configure it
  • On the top ( i.e. ) at menu bar, goto tools
  • From drop down menu , select Software Updates.

And here we go , now  it will check for the availbale updates for your Nokia C5, and then later you can follow On screen commands to install the latest software/firmware in your device.

The last time I upadated My nokia C5 was on 16 june 2011, but after that there was no more firmware update for Nokia C5 till today (8/4/2012).


Notepad for Nokia C5-00

Notepad for nokia C5Download Notepad for Nokia C5!

For making and editing .txt file you can see my other tutorial here.

Notepad has always been a very useful tool, and now you can carry a notepad in your mobile device. Now you can also download and carry a notepad with you on your Nokia C5.

To download Notepad for Nokia C5 click below

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